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The Endicott Family History: 22 Generations
Nine Generations in England (1327-1627)
and Beyond in America (1628-2001)

Including the Endecott/Endicott and
Harmon (1828-Present) Ancestry of Gordon Stewart Harmon


Gordon S. Harmon, Springfield, MO (USA); 11th Generation Grandson of Governor John Endecott.


A comprehensive, collective compilation, and professionally researched family history and genealogy of the Endecott/Endicott family (Generations 1-17) and Harmon descendants (Generations 18-22). Researched over 5 years. Detailed historical and genealogical narratives for Generations 1-20. It is believed, Generations 1-9 are Governor John Endecott's ancestry. 10th generation includes Governor John Endecott, First Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and The Father of New England. All known children; grandchildren; great and great-great grandchildren shown with each of the 22 primary line generations. Bibliographical notations throughout supporting research and authentication. Appendix entitled "Glimpses of Governor John Endecott" (this is inclusive of the research of the literature as to what historians have said about this famous ancestor). Official historical documents for the generations (birth records, marriage licenses/certificates, military service records, land deeds, census, wills, probates, historical maps, etc.) included. Contributions (research material and photographs) made by several Endicott and Harmon descendants. Additional appendices to support the historical accounts of Governor John Endecott and the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the 17th (Wilson Harmon),18th (Joseph Harmon) and 19th (Arthur Samuel Harmon) generations. Photo collection (color and b & w) of the Endecott Coat of Arms ; Endecott ancestral homeland and homes in Devon, England; photographs of Governor John Endecott; Endecott/Endicott family gravesites; Salem, Massachusetts Endecott family homes; Endicott place names; other significant places and events of Endecott/Endicott importance; and, a number of Endecott/Endicott and related surnames family group and individual photographs. Also included are Harmon ancestors/descendants and the Harmon ancestral home ca. 1907 in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (Oklahoma). A total of 75 selected bibliographies and references; 41 re search web sites; 24 appendices; 134 Endecott/Endicott and related surnames research documents; and, 106 photos/illustrations/images. Completion Date: January, 2002


Handsomely spiral bound 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 volume (single-spaced) of 551 pages + a comprehensive index with finished publication to be based upon editing with additions and/or deletions of research reference material at the author's discretion.


$48.85, pre-paid (shipping/handling included)

Copyright ©2002

For further information contact:

Gordon S. Harmon
1215 W. Walnut
Springfield, MO 65806
Or email

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