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Endicott Research and Documented Records
Collection Series, Volume XVI.2
Governor John Endecott's Burial: Mystery Resolved©


Gordon S. Harmon, Springfield, MO (USA); 11th Generation Grandson of Governor John Endecott.


For many years there has been considerable misunderstanding and disagreement on the exact resting place of John Endecott, the Puritan and First Governor in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Research at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA in February, 2006 discovered new definitive proof of his burial. This research article includes some background on his burial, the King’s Chapel and Granary (South) Ancient Burial Grounds of Boston, previous prevailing views, new primary evidence on the Governor’s tomb and some history of the ownership of this tomb from the Governors death until more recent times. Included are sketches drawn to scale of the Governor’s exact tomb location. This fascinating discovery is carefully documented historically and shows how any researcher can go directly to the Governor’s tomb.

This Volume XVI.2 of the Endicott Research Series is completed. It includes 9 pages with images and 20 source citations. The cost is $ 8.50 + $2.00 postage. Please submit a check in the amount of $10.50 and your copy will be mailed upon receipt of payment.

Let’s continue our journey on the Endicott heritage trail. Thank-you for your interest.


Gordon S. Harmon
3440 S. Delaware # 108
Springfield, MO 65804
417.350.7914 (cell)

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