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Join the Winthrop Society

             WHO IS ELIGIBLE?

The Winthrop Society is open to all men and women eighteen years of age or older, of good character and proven descent from one or more passengers of the Winthrop fleet, or of others who settled in the Bay Colony and Down East on or before 31 December 1640.

("Down East", also "Downeast", refers to parts of eastern coastal New England and  Canada, particularly the U.S. state of Maine and Canada's Maritime Provinces, an area that closely corresponds to the historical French territory of Acadia. The phrase apparently derives from sailing terminology: sailors from western ports sailed downwind toward the east to reach the area.)

Successful applicants for membership will receive a handsome certificate on gold parchment, suitable for framing, personalized with the Member's name and information about their qualifying ancestor.  Members have full privileges to:

  • access our Members Only area;
  • vote for Officers;
  • serve as Officers and Adjutants; and
  • participate in Winthrop Society projects.
Supplemental Enrollment
Annual Dues


Enrollment includes a $30 application fee (non-refundable), and member or supplemental certificate, as the case may be. Annual membership enrollment also includes one year's annual dues.



First, save a copy of the APPLICATION FORM onto your own computer:

  • Using the saved form on your computer, fill in your data , then save and print it;

  •  OR print the blank form and type in your data.

The form is in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format: you may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader ).

The first page of the application contains important instructions.
Read these instructions carefully before completing the application!
For further guidance and hints, see

Applications must be completed by word processor or typewriter; we will not accept handwritten applications. Be sure to send paper copies of all relevant proofs.  Of course, primary source proofs, such as birth, marriage and death records, are preferred.  But we will also review good secondary sources, such as wills, deeds, census records, etc.   Documents such as listed above are required, not just a tree found on the internet.  But those trees can possibly give you hints as to where to find the documentation.  Be sure to retain copies of your completed application and proofs for your records.

For new members who enroll before July 1 of any given year, the dues included in their enrollment fee will be applied to that year. For new members who enroll after July 1, the dues included in their enrollment fee will be applied to the following year. Dues notices are usually mailed out to annual members in January.

Any applicant may request a record copy of his or her application, with Registrar signature, for a fee of $10; simply check the appropriate box on the form at the time of application, or request a record copy from the Registrar at a later date.

When your application is completed, send it, along with all required paper proofs and your fees, to the following address:

Winthrop Society Registrar
Marie A. Seelye
13802 Pine Glen Drive East
Black Forest, CO  80908-3508

Do NOT send original documents.  They will not be returned.  Send copies.

Contact the Registrar ( ) with any questions.

See our Privacy Policy here.


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