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e wish to acknowledge the efforts of our Members and friends who have put together the following remarkable and informative Web sites. These sites have been selected for the excellence of their content relative to Puritanism and the first settlers of Massachusetts Bay Colony. There are many genealogy websites, both general and for specific lineages.  We cannot do justice to such monumental collections, so we have just a relative few here, which you might not find elsewhere.

The Winthrop Society does not necessarily endorse or corroborate any of the information or ideas presented in the following Web sites. If you wish to share a link with The Winthrop Society Web site, please feel free to contact the Webmaster. Thank you!


  • Partnership of the Historic Bostons (USA) : A non-political/non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those in the Greater Boston Area (and the United States) by creating and presenting educational and cultural programs and events to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the common, enduring legacies of the two Bostons, in the U.S. and England.
  • Boston England's St. Botolph Church "Stump": Dedicated to fostering public awareness in the United States of the historic role of the medieval church of St. Botolph’s in Boston, Lincolnshire, England in the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Pilgrims settlements of Plimouth and Salem.
  • American Friends of the Stump: Supporting the restoration and fabric of St. Botolph's Church -- known as The Boston Stump -- in Boston, Lincolnshire, and providing educational programming about the historic and continuing connections between this largest of the English parish churches and Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims: Open to men and women eighteen years of age or older who are lineal descendants of any Pilgrim. For the purpose of this Society, the term "Pilgrim" shall denote any immigrant who settled before 1700 within the territory which began the forty-eight contiguous states of the United States of America, without regard to religion or place of origin.


  • The Beverly Historical Society & Museum: A fine site about this early Massachusetts township.
  • First Church in Boston: This church was founded by Governor Winthrop in Massachusetts Bay Colony, and still holds regular services to this day (Unitarian Universalist). It was the site of the Winthrop Society's first official meeting, during the weekend of Charter Day 2004. The famous statue of Winthrop by Richard Saltonstall Greenough stands near the entrance, a memorial plaque to Winthrop adorns the Sanctuary, and the "Winthrop Cup" (ca. 1604) is displayed at the annual Easter communion.
  • St Bartholomew Church, Groton, Suffolk, England: Where the Winthrops worshipped. It is among many old Suffolk churches treated in Simon Knott's beautifully illustrated and informative Web site. About half the Winthrop fleet settlers were from these Suffolk churches.


  • Barney Family Historical Association: Dedicated to Winthrop Society member Dan Barney Dragonetti's family history, brimming with early settlers. Includes an area where visitors may purchase Genealogy of the Barney Family in America, a copy of which has been generously donated to the Society library.
  • The Bigelow Society: Information about that ancient Massachusetts family, particularly immigrant ancestor John Biglo.
  • Chesebro' Genealogy: Winthrop Society member Larry Chesebro' has compiled much useful information about American Chesebro'/Cheesbroughs.
  • The Dodge Family Association: Barbara Dodge energetically maintains the hub for this old New England family.
  • The Endecott-Endicott Family Association, Inc.: Genealogical society of descendants of Governor John Endicott. Features information on various projects, including yearly "Cousin Reunions," an online group forum, and special research on notable Endicott or Endecott descendants.
    • The Endecott Family History: Winthrop Society member Gordon Harmon has authored a thorough study of the Endecott family from 1327 to the present, with many illustrations.
    • Gov. John Endecott's Burial: Mystery Resolved: Winthrop Society member Gordon Harmon has completed Volume XVI.2 of the Endecott Research Series, in which definitive proof is outlined of the final resting place of John Endecott.
  • Marston Manor; Ormesby to Hampton: Dick Marston of Hampton, New Hampshire recounts histories from beyond the Merrimack.
  • Riggs Surname Study: Geoff Riggs has an excellent resource for descendants of Edward Riggs of Nazeing and Roxbury.
  • Seeley Genealogical Society: This worldwide organization is working to preserve and make available for genealogical research the family records of Seeley ancestors going back to Captain Robert Seeley who immigrated to America from England in 1630, and Obadiah Seeley who appeared in the records of Stamford, CT in the 1640s.
  • Wiser Family Research: Ron Wiser has thoroughly documented the history of his Massachusetts Indian ancestry from the 16th century to the present day.


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