The Winthrop Society: Descendants of the Great Migration

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As is called for by our Charter, the Winthrop Society's business and affairs are conducted and managed by a board of Officers, elected by a majority of the Society Trustees and drawn from a pool of applicant Members. Any Member in good standing may submit his or her credentials to the Trustees for consideration as an Officer, following procedures enumerated in the Charter. Upon leaving office, Officers found to have rendered extraordinary service to the Society may be considered by the Board for the honorary post of Trustee Emeritus.

The Trustees
Michael Phelps, Esq.
David Ely Cain
Prof. Charlotte Lindgren Winslow
Prof. Timothy Lester Jacobs

The Officers
President Carla W. Odom
Vice President Jane R. Power
Secretary Anne C. Henninger
Treasurer Walter C. Seelye
Registrar Marie A. Seelye
Chaplain Dr. George J. Hill
Archivist Katherine C. King
Editor of Publications Carol Taylor
Historian Charlotte L. Winslow
Parliamentarian David J. Stringfellow
Website Coordinator Walter C. Seelye

The Emeriti
Bill Arnebeck (2012)
Charlie Banks (2012)
Barry Cotton (2012)
Verna Griffith Maleski (2008)
Verle Bresson (2008)

Any Member of the Winthrop Society may volunteer to serve as a Trustee, Officer, or Adjutant. Contact the President if you are a Member and wish to stand as a candidate for Trustee or Officer in an upcoming election, or to volunteer for appointment to an Adjutancy. Brief job descriptions for the Trustees and Officers are in the relevant sections of our Charter. More detailed versions of these descriptions, and a list of Adjutant positions, are available in the Members Only section.

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