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We at the Winthrop Society place an extremely high premium on our members' ability to be secure in their personal information.

Ever since our Web site's beginnings, way back in the Olde 20th Centurie, our Web pages have been pure old-style code, without "fancy gimmicks." We will never furtively load cookies or applets onto your hard drive. Any information you send us electronically will only be that which you submit to us explicitly, out in the open, with your full knowledge and consent.

We record no information about our Web site's visitors. Should you post a query or otherwise request information, all information that you may give about yourself, including your postal or email address, will never be given away or sold by the Winthrop Society.

Should you apply for membership, all your information is maintained in complete confidentiality, even from other members..

Any publication of your ancestry is contingent upon your express permission.

We are not associated with any church, political organization, or commercial enterprise. We have no marketing arrangements whatsoever with any other Web entity or commercial company.

We encourage other sites to make the same commitment to your privacy, or at least to state their policies and commercial arrangements, honestly and explicitly. We are a self-sustaining volunteer group of family historians, and we do not wish to sell you anything; we only wish to collaborate with our fellow enthusiasts for the sake of expanding our knowledge and understanding of our forbears. Everything at our Web site is freely offered for your personal use.

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