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Qualifying Ancestors Used by the Membership to Date

(including those known to have joined Governor Winthrop in 1630)

This list is created using Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins, 3 vols. (1995), The Great Migration: Immigrants to America, 1634-1635, 7 vols. (1999-2007), The Winthrop Fleet (2012), The Great Migration Directory (2015), and Martin Hollick, New Englanders in the 1600s (2012). These sources supersede older sources focusing on this subject matter. There are same-named immigrants in this list. Settlement shown is based on either first known residence or first known record of presence. A qualifying ancestor must be the immigrant head of household. Occasionally, this person may be a woman. Immigrant children do not qualify as “settling,” unless they came with another member of the family, and the parents did not immigrate.

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