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Qualifying Settlements


Plymouth did not become a part of Massachusetts until 1692. The Popham Colony did not survive. Strawberry Bank did not survive. Maine did not become a part of the Massachusetts Colony until the 1650s. Because John Winthrop was appointed by the King to serve as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and because the Society is concerned with that colony as it relates to the Great Migration, the acceptable settlements are limited to those shown below (followed by their settlement dates). No other settlements are now acceptable. Members are grandfathered if they established membership prior to 2023 through settlements no longer accepted.

Andover (1634)

Beverly (1626) – see Salem Boston (1630)

Braintree (1635)

Cambridge (1632)

Cape Ann (1623) – see Salem Charlestown (1629)

Concord (1635)

Dedham (1636)

Dorchester (1630)

Gloucester (1642)

Haverhill (1641)

Hingham (1634)

Hull (1630)

Ipswich (1633)

Lynn (1632)

Lancaster (1643)

Malden (1649)

Manchester (1645)

Marblehead (1630)

Medford (1630)

Nahant (1629)

Newbury (1635)

Reading (1642)

Rowley (1639)

Roxbury (1630)

Salem (1626)*

Salisbury (1640)

Springfield (1636)

Sudbury (1639)

Topsfield (1648)

Watertown (1630)

Wenham (1643)

Weymouth (1622)*

Woburn (1647)

*While these settlements were established prior to 1628, the earliest any qualifying ancestor can have immigrated to this settlement is 1628.

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